Self Deconstruction


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released 15 July 2014



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Track Name: Mind Grinder
Insanity takes hold of me, I'm left wondering why I'm even here
Constant disconnection with the person I see in the mirror
Losing touch with what is real and what is just another dream, with all these demons on my back, I swear that death is calling me
The more I talk to myself the less I understand
I think of the things I loved and how I just don't care
I can't escape these voices, these voices in my head
They're tearing me apart and leaving me for dead
They say to talk about it
They say they'll understand
But I can't find the answers in which you'll comprehend
They say I'm doing better
They say I'll be just fine
But underneath the surface, they don't know I'm about to die
And everyday it takes everything inside of me not to be a victim to my mind that has been grinding me
Pushed past my breaking point
Sinking deeper, filling my head with doubt
Don't try to help me, I'll figure it out
Sink or swim, the final hour arrives
Track Name: Self Deconstruction
Destruction of the human mind, torn apart until it's something you can't recognize
Substance abuse breeds mass suicide
With bodies dropping, tell me where this nation draws the fucking line
You addict, like a slave, no control for your crave
You're living a life where the blind lead the blind, so afraid to wake up in fear of what you might find
I saw through the lies and through your disguise
I've made up my mind, I'd rather hang myself than live a life of mistakes
Snorting your lines and shooting shit up your veins
I'll never be like you
You'll always be see through
No one can help you
Your addiction confides you
You're living a life where the blind lead the blind, so afraid to wake up in fear of what you might find
I saw through the lies and through your disguise
I've made up my mind, I'd rather kill myself then ever find compromise with the life that you lead, people like you deserve to die
You'll never be anything for all that you claim to be
I'll stand by and watch a nation crumble with addiction as they march to face their self deconstruction
Track Name: Blinded
Blinding ignorance
Face to face with bigotry
Fueling hate with apathy
Closed minded misanthropy of racist animosity
Living life amongst these snakes
Knowing only love for hate
You deserve to be the one staring down the barrel of the gun
We're cutting the ties
We're drawing the line
This is our fight
You can't run, you can't hide
Racist pig, justified?
Feel the concrete between your teeth
Open your mouth til you can't speak
Bite the curb
Feel the shame
Take their pain to your grave
Bite it
Blinding ignorance
We won't stand for your fucking kind
Track Name: No Control (No Remorse)
Addicted fiend
Tortured mentally
Blacking out
Heart racing
Cry for help
Drug abusing
Lie alone
Lived your life like a drone
No control
No remorse
In the vein
Through the nose
Track Name: Suffer/Coward's Rest
Four walls closing in
If I find you, I'll make you feel the pain I feel
I'll put this cold steel against your head and make you beg for your life, cause you took mine away
The only thing that I loved, completely stolen from me
Stop your excuses and stop trying to hide
Everything that you did is burned in my mind
You mark my words, I'm coming for you
You're going to suffer the pain of what I've gone through
Screaming at these four walls because no one else hears me
Get me the hell out of here before I slip into insanity
Four walls closing in
No one hears me
No one's listening
Sadistic thoughts of torture fill my consciousness
Fantasies of bringing your life to an end
Taking this knife and stabbing it through your heartless chest
I will spit on your lifeless body
I will dance on your worthless grave
Hell is a place for people like you
In the ground as a coward you'll stay